Wanting to reinvent the idea of “wealth,” Ojà Ẹ̀shọ́ Jewelry Market began with a very simple concept: focus on the human side of the jewelry business. It’s not just about amazing pieces that will last for generations—although that is certainly what we sell—but it is also about connections between people.

In some ways, our products represent how truly close the world is. From where we source our jewelry to the artisans still adhering to traditional techniques, our pieces have travelled the world and ultimately offer our customers a bridge to something new, exquisite, and exciting. A bridge we hope they will want to cross again and again.

Founder Mildred Gordillo-Mullings first began parent company, Ojalola as a family endeavour. ‘Market of Wealth’ it means in the Yoruba Language. This would be a business that offers products for an entire family, every person of any age. This would be a venture focused on helping all involved earn a living while bringing customers that which could inspire joy—true wealth.

The idea for Ojà Ẹ̀shọ́ Jewelry Market came second…What’s better than finding that unexpected exotic treasure somewhere in a small shop located in an out of the way place. Our site is that unexpected glimmer, that sweet surprise in an otherwise crowded and monotonous digital planet.

The jewelry we offer here is for you, it’s for us, for the miners, the suppliers and the craftsman. It’s the bridge that connects us all.