Join us to our Easter Egg Hunt  & Giveaway! 3 Lucky participants will each win a sterling silver charm, and a bracelet (see conditions). Just go and find your egg following the instructions below.

How to find your egg!-)

1- Find the charm pictured (in the image) at
2- Add the product to cart and go to checkout (no need to enter your credit card information since purchase is no required)
3- Enter your information.Winners who are on our mailing list will be eligible to also win a bracelet with their charm, so join our mailing list at this stage, if you haven't already.
4- Enter the code (BUNNY) - If you are a lucky winner you will see 0 on your order.
5- Confirm your 'order'.
6- If you are not a winner you will see a balance in your cart and a note advising you that the code is not available. Sorry! But you still have a chance to get this cute adorable for 30% off and free shipping, using the code MOTHERS.

Happy Hunting & Happy Easter!